The City I Live In - Tube Life

Twitter. I have long looked at the app on my phone, keen to find a use, a legitimate use, only to be dismayed and bewildered when opened, longing to find a purpose. Welll finally today I have found an honest purpose for Twitter. It is a place I can post specific interests and projects, presenting my photography and writing, a place I can post my thoughts on politics, all through the magic of social media, with one post synced to pop up across all of my platforms. Alas, I haven't yet figured out how to repeat the feat here, and not wanting to miss a trick, I am semi-recreating that first series I started today on Twitter.

About a year ago I attended an improve your social media profile workshop, where I was under no delusions of its cynicism to rampantly grow ones profile, but beyond mass following for followings sake, I genuinely couldn't find a real purpose for collecting these numbers. Lets see how I can grow these numbers sans cynical ploys. 

The purpose seems to have crystallised today. I will be posting a series of tweets titled The City I Live In, about the city I love. Tube Life kicks things off. 

Mehmet Hassan